Video Module: Understanding the oncology research and development pipeline

This video module was created in September 2018 for the Biden Cancer Summit.

Description: The oncology R&D pipeline is long and complex. This module incorporates viewpoints about the process, from the bench to final regulatory approval, including the major barriers and greatest hopes for the future of cancer.


Gregory Simon (Biden Cancer Initiative)


Dr. Marcel Maus (Massachusetts General Hospital, Cancer Center)
Dr. Marc Theoret (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)
Dr. Peter Adamson (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)
Dr. Mace Rothenberg (Pfizer)

Discussion Points

  • What are the biggest barriers the research, regulatory and industry fields face when it comes to the R&D pipeline?
  • How can we incentivize R&D development in areas (such as pediatrics) that don’t guarantee a financial return?
  • What role does “team-science” play in new discoveries and how can we encourage different sectors to work together in the name of discovery?
  • How can we achieve the goal of doubling the rate of progress when it comes to getting new drugs and treatments to patients?

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