Video Module: Preventing cancer – technology, education, and access

This video module was created in September 2018 for the Biden Cancer Summit.

Considering that fifty percent of cancers could be prevented, too little of the overall energy and resources in the cancer and broader healthcare community are focused on this part of the patient journey. This module focuses on how we can leap forward in our communities – locally, nationally, and globally – in prevention, early detection education, access, and innovation.


Danielle Carnival, Ph.D. (Biden Cancer Initiative)


Carolyn “Bo” Aldige (Prevent Cancer Foundation)
Thomas A. Bock, MD, MBA (HeritX)
Elmer Huerta, MD, MPH (Cancer Preventorium at MedStar Washington Hospital Center’s Washington Cancer Institute)
Richard Wender, MD (American Cancer Society)

Discussion Points

  • What are some of the effective ways to deliver messages to communities all around the country to provoke the right responses?
  • How do we create opportunities to engage more people to act on early detection measures?
  • Who could be trusted voices when it comes to delivering the prevention message?
  • How do we strengthen the case for prevention – what incentives should be in place?
  • How should we engage with communities that are traditionally underserved and ensure they have access to effective prevention approaches?

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