Video Module: Managing difficult conversations

This video module was created in September 2018 for the Biden Cancer Summit.

During the cancer journey, patients and their families are faced with many difficult conversations – none more difficult than sharing your diagnosis with family members along with dealing with end of life decisions. This module will offer insight and resources to help with these conversations.


Cecilia Arradaza (Biden Cancer Initiative)
Kim Thiboldeaux (Cancer Support Community)

Discussion Points

  • Talking about your cancer diagnosis and your cancer journey could be some of the most difficult conversations to have. Who are the people you think you should talk to first about your cancer experience?
  • How do you broach the topic of cancer?
  • Do you know where to turn to for guidance on how to have these conversations?
  • Who do you trust to guide you through some of the most sensitive conversations about your cancer?
  • How did you prepare to have these conversations? What resources or tools helped/could help?

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