Planning Tools

1. Planning Toolkit

This Toolkit is designed to guide you through process of hosting a tailored Biden Cancer Community Summit. The guidelines and information we provide are informed and shaped by best practices from community organizers, cancer advocates, and others, but you know your community best so you should adapt to suit your needs.

2. LIVE content from Washington, D.C.

The Biden Cancer Initiative is hosting its own Summit in Washington, D.C. alongside your Community Summit. We are specifically designing parts of the Washington, D.C. program for Community Summits to easily tune into and interact with, including remarks from Dr. Jill Biden and Vice President Joe Biden, and plenary sessions focused on turning ideas into action that improve the cancer journey.

3. Content Modules

You will have access to a series of video modules and information resources featuring leaders on the frontlines of cancer research and care addressing topics that you and other hosts have told us are priority areas. Each video module will be 10-30 minutes long, allowing you to choose those that best suit the objectives you have set for your Community Summit.

Modules will be available online starting on August 21, 2018. A curated resource list to complement each of these modules will also be made available to you ahead of September 21. Topics will include:

  • Navigating the cancer journey beyond the disease
  • Patient data: who owns it, and for what purpose
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Preventing cancer – technology, education, and access
  • Understanding the oncology research and development pipeline
  • Harnessing innovation to improve and save lives
  • Survivorship and the path ahead
  • And more….

4. Discussion and Facilitation Guides

We will have available for you tips on how to provoke discussion, ensure meaningful dialogue, and capture input from attendees on an action plan moving forward.

5. Social Media Tools

From creating your Facebook event to having templates for Instagram posts, you will have access to tools, templates, and tips that allow you to fully leverage social media platforms to optimize the impact of your event. Be on the lookout for a full Social Media kit available in the Dropbox folder on July 21.

6. Media Outreach

Depending on the nature of the event you are convening, you may want to consider reaching out to local media to participate in or cover your Community Summit. We will provide you with fully customizable templates, available both online and in the shared Dropbox folder by August 21, that could help you with media outreach.

7. Communications Planning Tool for Hosts: Slack

We are rolling out Slack, a platform for all our Community Summit hosts to communicate with each other minus the barriers of e-mail. More details to come on this.


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