Talking Points

On September 21st, Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden are hosting a national Biden Cancer Summit to focus on the patient’s journey through the twists and turns from prevention through a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.

This will include an event in Washington, D.C., where the program will highlight and discuss stories of heartache and triumph from the patient and caregiver communities, the latest and most promising cancer research and technology developments, transformative community-driven initiatives, and public and private sector partnerships.

But a conversation on the national stage is not enough. The Biden Cancer Initiative aims to make this Summit relevant to the concerns of patients, families and communities. They want to make this resonate with scientists and entrepreneurs and health care providers. They want to make a difference in allcommunities – our community. That’s why, [we] have answered the call to host a Community Summit.

At our Community Summit, we will be able to tune into key Washington, D.C. programming, and tailor the agenda using video modules on topics ranging from prevention to survivorship, financial toxicity to research and development innovation. We share the Biden’s goal of doubling the rate of progress against cancer and through this Summit, we hope our community can come up with key actions that will help us do that.

At our local summit, we will be able to share information about how we are tackling tough issues around prevention and survivorship, understanding the power of our health data, and how best to provide support throughout the cancer journey. We want to bring people together to share their experiences, their ideas, and solve problems relevant to them. And we will be able to share our thoughts and ideas with those in Washington D.C.