Social Media Considerations


#cancerFIERCE. At its core, #cancerFIERCE is our central organizing principle. It is a message of strength, resilience, determination, and hope. It captures how individuals and entire communities turn cancer fears into cancer FIERCE. It is a statement of intent and purpose – which is why we’re using it to connect all social media interactions about and during Biden Cancer Community Summits.

#BidenCancerSummit. Especially for Summit-specific social media interactions, we urge everyone to post using #BidenCancerSummit to connect conversations and allow for a national conversation to emerge.

Leading up to the Community Summit

Social media posts before your Community Summit will focus on promoting your event and sharing your why. Some examples:

Twitter and Facebook

  • On September 21, join us for a #BidenCancerSummit on [topic]. Share stories, new ideas, and let’s turn cancer fears into #cancerFIERCE. RSVP here: [Link to FB event]
  • We are just [two weeks, 10 days, seven days] out from our #BidenCancer Community Summit. RSVP and join us in discussing <topic>. #cancerFIERCE
  • Be part of the national movement to double the rate of progress against cancer. #cancerFIERCE<link> Join us #BidenCancerSummit.
  • The cancer journey is riddled with trials & triumphs. Share your ideas, information, inspiration at #BidenCancerSummit. <link to Facebook event>. #cancerFIERCE


Editable versions of instagram-ready graphics are accessible from this Dropbox folder.

Suggested captions:

We are excited to announce that we will be participating in the national network of Biden Cancer Community Summits. On September 21st, from <time range>, we will be discussing <topic> as well as sharing stories, discussing new ideas, and developing an action plan for how to make hope real for cancer patients and their families in our community.

On September 21, we are joining the Biden Cancer Initiative and hundreds of other communities to host a Biden Cancer Community Summit. We will focus our attention and energy on what we can do to deliver what patients deserve: a cancer research and care system that puts saving and extending lives above all else.

During the Community Summit

We will rely on social media channels throughout the day of the Summit. For example:

  • A virtual Townhall featuring experts ready to answer your questions or provide perspective on issues – send your questions on Twitter using #BidenCancerSummit.
  • Instagram mosaic featuring #cancerFIERCE snapshots captured from different Community Summits.

During the Summit, we highly encourage people to share:

  • quotes in real time and attribute them as appropriate
  • photos with captions that evoke emotion or provoke action personal stories
  • real-time outcomes and new collaborations

After September 21st

After the Summit, we are committed to keeping up the momentum. We hope to hear more about the action agendas and new connections, storytelling and story sharing, lessons learned and best practices.

Additional social media content and templates will be available to you on July 21.


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