Media Outreach

Consider inviting media to participate in or cover your Biden Cancer Community Summit to amplify your reach. Start by creating a media alert to let media know of your event, and identifying local reporters covering community and/or health beats.

Local media are often driven to report on stories that are newsworthy and/or have a local and/or personal story. Be ready to tell your story!


MEDIA ALERT: [Name of organization/host] to Convene Biden Cancer Community Summit on September 21 focused on [innovation/the patient experience/caregiving/etc.]

[Date, CITY] The [name of organization/host] today announced that it will host a Biden Cancer Community Summit focused on [key issues/topics]. This Community Summit is part of the Biden Cancer Initiative’s nationwide effort to double the rate of progress against cancer.

The [name of organization/host] Biden Cancer Community Summit joins hundreds of other Summits throughout the country designed to draw in and learn from the perspectives of [insert who you wish to hear from – for example: the cancer patient support network – family members, caregivers, patient navigators, and other care providers for insights on the realities of living with cancer and the ripple effects a diagnosis can have on families and communities.]

WHAT: Biden Cancer Community Summit at the [name of your community or location]
WHO: Define your audience or Identify your main draw

  • Identify audience types you wish to invite (i.e., Join students, caregivers, patients and their families, health care providers)
  • If you have speakers, you can name them here

WHEN: September 21, [time]

WHERE: [location with all relevant logistical details]
WHY: Articulate your rationale for hosting. (Do not forget to include the complete contact information of your media liaison.)


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