Look and Feel

We specifically created the Biden Cancer Community Summit logo to help connect and unify the broad range of experiences happening across the country on September 21st. While each Community Summit will be its own unique event, we strive to ensure it is connected to the broader national effort through the use of the logo, connectivity through social media, and aligned objectives focused on developing an action plan.

Logos are accessible from this Dropbox folder.

Biden Cancer Community Summit Logo Guidelines

  • Please use the Biden Cancer Community Summit logos as formatted. Please do not update or customize the graphics.
  • Community Summit logos should be used alongside your own organization’s logo or together with the name of the host.
  • The use of the Biden Cancer Community Summit logo is not an endorsement of your organization’s programs or policies.

Event Feel

Our hope is that everyone who participates in a Community Summit walks away feeling like their concerns have been heard, and that their ideas are part of the solution.

To this end, when planning your event, please ensure that the space is conducive to having meaningful conversations. We trust that Community Summit hosts have the best of intentions and will do everything you can to protect the privacy and well-being of your participants.


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