Planning Calendar

7/21                Social media templates available

  • Information on modules, content, and agenda

7/24              Community Host Call #1

  • Conference call to provide updates on facilitation guides, developing content, and a check-in on our progress and yours

8/21              Online portal for content modules goes live

  • Media outreach tools available
  • Video modules, facilitation guides, and relevant content go live. Begin to tailor your Community Summit agenda with these resources

8/23              Community Host Call #2

  • Check-in to finalize your plans and ask us your remaining questions as it relates to content, best practices, and how to plan for the final month planning for the Summit


10/21            Community Host Call #3

  • Report back on community action plans. We want to hear about your conversations, your ideas, and your outcomes and we’ll share details from our Summit in Washington, D.C.


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