Community Summit Planning Toolkit

Dear Friends,

Thank you for committing to host a Biden Cancer Community Summit on September 21, 2018. Together, we can make real, transformative progress against cancer.

We started on this mission to double our rate of progress against cancer because like so many of you, we know all too well the devastating impact cancer can have on an individual, a family, a community. While we know every cancer experience is deeply personal, we also know that it is not isolated.

That is why, on September 21st, we will focus our attention and energy on what we can do to deliver what patients deserve: a cancer research and care system that puts saving and extending lives above all else. By hosting a Biden Cancer Community Summit, you have committed to be part of the solution. Every day, every minute matters to patients, and we must bring that sense of urgency to address the issues that impact patients from prevention through treatment and survivorship.

Most importantly, with your innovation, ideas, and inspiration, we will launch new actions and collaborations in cities, states, the nation, and even across the globe that will improve the patient experience and patient outcomes.

No act is too small—from cooking a meal for a neighbor who could use the help, to developing a local transportation program to bring patients to their treatments, to solving the national issue of how to ensure patients have access to their medical records—these solutions mean so much to patients and their families.

We are eager to hear the outcomes of your conversations and what you are willing and able to contribute to this mission.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!  Together we can make hope real.


Joe and Jill Biden