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is about connecting people to possibilities.

The word “cancer” invokes feelings of fear for patients, families and communities. For those working to advance research and care, cancer’s complexity continues to challenge our progress.

This effort views these fears and challenges through the lens of promise and possibility. It highlights and celebrates the FIERCE that we know is in everyone touched by cancer through stories that inspire us to move forward with urgency.

Share your #cancerFIERCE story today.

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Jimmy ‘Taboo’ Gomez Shares His Cancer Story

"I've been through a lot of crazy experiences throughout my career, but nothing prepared me for this war against cancer..."

Jimmy "Taboo" Gomez of the Black Eyed Peas shares his cancer experiences and is on a mission to prevent others from going through what he went through.

Dr. Carol Brown’s Passion Is to Connect Patients to Innovation

"I'm really hopeful about our ability to put together these incredible technological advances...and apply that to making people aware."

Dr. Carol Brown of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center believes that more cancer patients need access to the latest and best advances.